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Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.11b:
Cracked Maphack v7.2 [beta5]
~Cracked Maphack v7.2

Quote (Baclash): Make sure you first extract the folder to your desktop. Install after connecting to bnet and before joining game. After you click install on the GUI, the Gui should disappear. Join game and hit your tab button. you should have full map and light radius.

v7.2 won't work on 98 windows, 64 bit platform, or Mac.

Quote Darth Mortis (about last and this version): there WAS in beta4 a simple line of text (you would know the one i am talking of if you had ever used MP before) that appeared at the top of the screen stating it was loaded.

now, herzog informed mousepad that the warden modules had changed, and that it was possible that warden could detect that line.

fairly soon after herzog discussed this with mousepad, mousepad removed that text, released the revised files as beta5, only people who were scanned by warden using everything prior to beta5 were banned.

the users who ONLY used beta5 in the 24 hours before mousepad was required to pull the download, were safe, and there are some users now still using beta5.

that is why beta5 was cracked, and not anything prior to that. this is the safest (well, as we all know when it comes to warden, safe is subjective) version possible.

Quote Darth Mortis:i think that the crack is the best way to support mousepad at this time, as did the person who cracked. for our own reasons, we have done things this way. i can't reveal who cracked it, they do not want any recognition, but for what it is worth, it is someone i would trust with my son's life.
Maphack v7.2 [beta] - NOT CRACKED

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.11:
Cracked Maphack v7.0

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.10:
Cracked Maphack v6.5e
Cracked Maphack v6.5c
Cracked Maphack v6.5b
Cracked Maphack v6.1c

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.10s beta:
Maphack v5.1

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.10 beta:
Maphack v5.0

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.09:
Maphack v4.8
Maphack v4.7j
Maphack v4.7i
Maphack v4.7g
Maphack v4.7f
Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack v4.6c (v1.09d) Source Code!!!

for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 LoD v1.08:
Maphack v3.6c

MSVCR71.dll - You may need this file for Mousepad's Maphack.
Put this in "C:\Windows\System32"

1) Start mhhashgen.exe.
2) Type in your D2 *** CLASSIC *** key, with no dashes, all uppercase letters.
3) Click on 'Copy to Clipboard'.
4) Close the program, open up 'butt_crack.exe'.
5) Press 'Control + V' on your keyboard or, right click in the empty box and select 'Paste'.
6) Click on 'Generate keyfile.
7) You can save this file anywhere however, I would recomend you save it to the same directory you have Maphack in.
8) Click on 'Save'.
9) Exit the program.

That's it. To run maphack in Diablo, do the following:

1) Start Diablo.
2) Start Maphack.
3) Click on the 'Install/Update' button.
4) Play the game.

// d2maphack v7.0 Crack Info
// New files: D2MAPHACK.key
// Files changed: d2maphack.dll
// Modifications:
// patch1 d2maphack @0001C175 DC h
// patch2 d2maphack @0001C955 C700435A394BC7400456374D4DC740046435637C7400C5444545AC3 h

// Maphack 7.0 works fine on d2loader, crashes alot on regular d2.
// Code still has some "glitches", just wait for next update.

// Cracked by Netter

// Note: now requires Windows NT/2000/XP.

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