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1.11 dupe by Diceplaya

Honestly im going to regret doing what im about to do but im quiting diablo because everything getting so wack playing dioblo
with all the aa and stupidness and all theys lil kids who think there bad or something i really dunno.

this is a working dupe method found and mastered. has been working for me since .08 and yet to be patched. and is still
working in 1.11 perfect.

its simple and basic and as far as i know im the only person who does this method. (i assume because it hasnt been patched
and havent heard of anyone doing it)

this is not going to be idiot freindly explenation and i want you to think outside of the box.

A: You need a necro with Max Bonewall (doesnt need to be but it works better with it)
B: Necro needs to have maxed Revive, skeletons, and mage. (or atleast close to it)

C: You need to Have a buddy that isnt an idiot (Extremly important)

D: You need to be in act 5 ( this will take place right outside of the act 5 gates.

E: The Necro Spams and when i mean Spam I DAMN WELL mean SPAM YOUR ASS OFF HAVE A FULL stash of mana pots and be ready to buy more.
Just outside of the gates the necro will continue to spam bonewall for about
15-1 hour (when i say think outside of the box how can u cut that time in half? 2 necros? now its half the time, 3 even better.

F: How do u know when you spammed enough? when the area is lagging so bad you r basicly invisible.

G: This Letter is very important im not going to telll u why (but think outside the box)

H: Your buddy must not leave the area that u just spammed this is extremly important. Why? there is a chance that the area u
just lagged will reset and no long lag and be perfectly normal.

I: to many steps please stop reading oviously this is a waste of your time.
Seriously people continue reading.

J: The main Necro the one with the max'ed mage's revive and skeli's goes and summons as many as he can do.

K: after completing step J. the the necro will go back to the spot thats been lagged.

L: your buddy will now go to another act. doesnt matter what act.

M: Now this is where the idiots get loss
well your buddy is in a different act.
You will cast Bonewall in this area look at site for picture

N: Signal to your buddy to rush to the area.

O: After doing so your buddy is to try to go out of town. but he must try to exit to out of town going behind the fire thingy
to the left buttom.
he should be able to do this successfully and run right past where u put the bonewall's. MAke sure hes running as far as he
gets staying to the left wall.

P: he should come to a Black wall. if all is done correctly.

The Bone walls should have held him back on your screen. So hes still intown while your bonewalls are what held him back and
caused him to get a blackwall.

the spam is what is a big help in doing this.

forget the letters now im getting sick of saying the abc's in my head lol

You click on him to get to a trade screen. You should wait as hes waiting for the black wall to go away and for everything to
become normal.

Enter trade screen. Any and every item you want duped he has to give to you, ( THE main necro)

You both Click the check marks.

Your buddy hits Alt+tab then closes Dioblo.
goes into another room. Warning do not enter the same room... as same id's going into the same room will disapear.

Poof items r duped. No 15 min R/d nothing. just pure dupe congrats

Enjoy Dioblo COmmunity and keep it on the Down Low

I QUit.

Whos Your Daddy?
Dont let this be some big trend but people post your success.

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