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by Gabrial Scholz ([email protected])

What does this program do? You start the program, just start clicking stuff, when you're done press HOME, the script for what you just did will be written for you. The script will mimic your actions almost perfectly.

Make your own bot without programming anything.
The next version is going to feature the ability to insert 'plugins' so that someone can write a pickit, or maybe an ip detector etc.

Special Keys:
- HOME: Ends the script
- INSERT: Inserts an increasing Variable
- END: Inserts the start of a While loop. This is cause the rest of the script to loop over and over and over :)
- PAGE UP: Inserts a 1-5s Delay (Will randomize differently every run through)
- PAGE DOWN: Inserts a 0-1s Delay

When you're finished:
-Don't worry about how sloppy the script looks :)
-Save the file with the extension .au3 (for example script.au3)
-Run Aut2exe.exe in the Aut2exe folder to convert it into an .exe file
-Run your mimic program.

AutoYou2 v1.0
AutoYou v1.10
AutoYou v1.00



-Re-wrote the whole thing because it was way to cluttered and runs a lot faster now.
-Took out the gui because as of now it is useless.


-Now emulates mouse movement as well.
-You can now click and drag. Spam bot? :D
-Fixed Delays
-Now 2 Possible Delays. Between 0-1s or 1-5s. Able to activate throught the GUI and through Page Up and Page Down. You are aloud as many of these as you want.
-F1-F12 now work
-Pressing END will start the same thing as the 'Insert Loop' button on the GUI
-Pressing PAUSE will now stop the timer aswell as pause the program
-The arrow keys now work
-TAB,DELETE,Decimal (not period. Only the . on the numpad works) all now work
-Fixed a minor error with adding variables
-Shift, Space, Enter, Backspace, Ctrl, Alt all now work (Which means you can now get caps when typing)
-Pressing INSERT will insert a variable (no clicking on the GUI)
-Added a GUI Interface for adding Loops, Variables and Delays
-Press the "Insert Loop" Button to add a continuous loop from that point on in the script (The rest of the script will be looped)
-Press the "Insert Variable" Button to add a variable at that point in the script (Useful for botting if you want game names to incrament +1 everytime). Max of 5 aloud
-Added PAUSE Button which I recommend you use if you're going to click the GUI buttons at all (this will stop any key strokes or mouse clicks but does not stop the timer)
-Pressing HOME once you've compiled your script will exit the script
-All lower case letters from a-z
-Included Compiler
- Left and Right clicking
- Quick clicking
- Able to left click things

Known Errors:
- Can't seem to double click things even though the program will register a double click.

Hey You!
If you really know how to make good icons or have any awesome ass suggestions for this program, I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me at [email protected] with the title AUTOYOU2. Anything I use will be fully credited.

This program is copyright of Gabrial Scholz, 2006. Written with Autoitv3. Autoitv3, all scripts/files in the Include and Aut2Exe folders are Copyright 1999-2006 of Jonathan Bennett & The AutoIt Team @ www.autoscript.com.

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