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d2netstat by KG

What exactly d2netstat is?
d2netstat is a simple application written by me in order to make searching for so called HOT IP easier then it ever was.

Current version displays following information for each d2 copy:
- server IP
- game name
- game pass
- BN acc
- NEW! CDkey file which your D2 is running with.

All this information is presented in nice clear view.

- improved drawing functions preventing list from flickering.
- double click on window name to maximize it
- some other minor changes not worth to describe it here.

- changed sorting (back to sorting by window name instead of process id)
- fixed bug when exiting a window with hotip and running window by the same name cause d2netstat to instantly hilight this window telling it dropped game).
- some minor code cleanups

- Beep on game found/game lost.
- When the game on hot ip is lost, it's name and pass will no longer dissapear. Additionally, the text "DROP!" will be displayed where the IP is shown. We can then easily see which game we have lost and try to rejoin it. You don't need to rewrite your game names to a sheet of papaer anymore.
- You can see name of the mpq file with cdkey of each D2 window.
- Some visual enchancements - A little smaller font, gamename and gamepass are now shown in single cell, also process id of each D2 window is diplayed.
- New button 'Invert Selection' which lets you select all/group of windows with single click.
- Many minor code cleanups.

Is d2netstat can be detected by Warden? Is using it result in ban?
Although no one knows how Blizz "impoves" their anti-cheating system, right now D2netstat is fully undetectable. It does NOT interfere in D2 process, does NOT even attempt to change it's memory area in any way, does NOT change default behaviour of application, does not break the EULA.

Does D2netstat work with every D2 version?
It was tested by many people with 1.11b and it worked perfectly for every one of them.
ATTENTION! D2netstat only works with D2loader. It does not work correctly with original Diablo II.exe file. It should work with every version of D2loader through.

d2netstat v1.3c [304Kb]
d2netstat v1.3b [304Kb]
d2netstat v1.2 [303Kb]
d2netstat v1.1 [310Kb]

Wish you all having fun and good luck hunting clones.

-- KG

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