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EasyBot Beta for Diablo II 1.11b

EasyBot by Jan Miller (Netter)
You are using EasyBot at your own risk

EasyBot Beta is a free plugin for EasyPlay Free 2.1+ and EasyPlay Gold 2.1+. EasyBot is a fully automated bot that will log onto battle.net, select a character, make a game, move through town, heal, stash and kill Mephisto. It is highly configurable and very fast.

-Stash items from anywhere in town (specify speed/stash type)
-Precast one weapon slot one and two
-Kill Mephisto (moat trick and regular tanking)
-Heal at ormus regularly
-Heal at ormus if attack skill unavailable for x miliseconds
-Refill townportals
-Chicken to town/exit game

-WindowsXP+ ONLY
-Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v1.11b
-EasyPlay Free 2.1+ or EasyPlay Gold 2.1+

1) Install EasyPlay and learn to use it properly
2) Start Diablo II and only EasyPlay. Now join a battle.net game with the character and difficulty settings you wish to use the bot with (if your Diablo II crashes, check the MODSIGS_INSTRUCTIONS.txt file in EasyPlay folder)
3) Move to act 3 town.
4) Select the left and right attack skills and type ".spell" as chat message. EasyPlay will print the numeric values of your left and right attack skill. Note down these numeric values. Do the same for all the precast skills you want to use.
5) Close Diablo II and open easybot.ini
6) Set the "LeftAttackSkill" and "RightAttackSkill" and "PreCast (..)" options to the numeric values that you retrieved with the ".spell" command.
7) Set the other options ("Account" and "Password" should be enough in most cases)
8) Copy "easybot.dll", "easybot.ini", "items.ini" and "houdini.ini" into your EasyPlay folder (replace the old houdini.ini file)
9) Now start Diablo II in window mode* and execute EasyLoad.exe while being in the main menu. The bot will now start running. If you want to run it in minimized mode, make sure the "ForceExecution" option in easybot.ini is set to TRUE.

*to start Diablo II in window mode make a shortcut of the executable and append the "-w" parameter to the pathway

It may sometimes help to use D2Loader if you have troubles loading EasyPlay.


Newest version:
EasyBot v2.0+ will not run on EasyPlay Free.
You will need access to EasyPlay Gold to use new versions.

Old versions (always use newest version!) - detectible
EasyBot v1.3 [46Kb]
EasyBot v1.2 [46Kb]
EasyBot v1.1 [43Kb]
EasyBot v1.0 [44Kb]

Useful tools:

Tips & Tricks:
Here is a few things you might want to consider:
1) Set the "ChickenMode" in easyplay.ini to make TP's when chickening. As soon as EasyPlay chicken's via TP in the attack sequence, EasyBot will automatically walk to Ormus, heal, and then continue the attack against mephisto.
2) Set the "SaveLastGame" and "SaveLastPass" options off. They may confuse the bot when creating games.
3) If you're having problems picking items after teleporting to them, increase the "InitDelay" in the items.ini from 150 ms to maybe 500 ms.
4) If you're having problems picking items after teleporting to them, you can simply turn the teleport feature off. As easybot will teleport to mephisto corpse after his death, it's not really necessary to use teleport for picking items. To disable teleport to pick items, simply set the "TeleMinRange" option in the items.ini main section to a very high value. Ex: TeleMinRange=100;

Note: It's easier to set the TeleMinRange high, because you don't need to change all the "Teleport=TRUE" settings for each item.

Known bugs/errors:

EasyBot v1.3 (22/01/2006)
-Added "ForceHeal" option
-Fixed small bug with the cycle count (for static gamenames)

EasyBot v1.2 (21/01/2006)
-Added "HealLifeNotFull", "HealManaNotFull", "HealMercNotFull" options
-Added "WaypointMaxRetries" option
-Added "DoRandomGame", "StaticGameName", "DoRandomPass", "StaticGamePass" options
-Stasher now only opens / closes stash if stash required
-Waypoint window now closes properly, after taking waypoint
-Fixed various other bugs

EasyBot v1.1 (14/01/2006)
-Fixed a takewaypoint bug
-Fixed a bug that didn't properly quit the game and start next cycle
-Fixed various other bugs

EasyBot v1.0 (13/01/2006):
-Public Beta Release

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(or any important problems are fixed.).
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