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by Fuhrmanator ([email protected])
Based originally on CloneHunter 2.2 Created by Snarg

Official KissCloneHunter website.

This program will help you to find a Diablo II game on Battle.net with a specific IP address. This is often referred to as "Diablo Clone hunting."

This program saves you the trouble of having to manually create games and check the IP.
Use at your own risk, because it's technically a 3rd-party program and may violate the EULA of Battle.net.

1. Find out what IP addresses to hunt for on the realm you play by lurking in a Dclone IRC channel (e.g., dcloneirc.net).
2. Double-click the KissCloneHunter executable, answer the questions it asks you, and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS it gives you.
3. Sit back and wait for it to find the hunted IP(s).

When a hunted IP is found, a sound will play and you'll see a message telling you the information about the game name and password. The sound repeats at a given interval, until you exit KissCloneHunter.

Please keep in mind that this program should idle in the game for you if it finds a hunted IP. However, it's still at beta-quality, so do not count on it!

KissCloneHunter v1.1b4

v1.1b4, 2006-03-15
- Fixed a bug with mouse and pixel coordinates - Snarg had everything "absolute" and this doesn't work if people have windows themes with large fonts (in the title bar, for example). Thanks to DeathBlade for point this out. Now everything is "relative to client window space" in AutoIt, so it should be OK.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I stop or pause KissCloneHunter?
A: When the bot is active, there should be an AutoIt icon icon in the system tray (lower right corner, next to system clock on WinXP/2K). Left-click on this icon to see a menu of options.

Q: Will KissCloneHunter work with d2loader?
A: KissCloneHunter is not supported if you use d2loader. If you use d2loader, I suggest you try using the f1ndip plug-in bot. I don't run d2loader and so I cannot and will not test KissCloneHunter with d2loader. Some (but not all) users have had success with KissCloneHunter using d2loader, with the option -title "Diablo II" on the command line of d2loader.

Q: Can I use KissCloneHunter with multiple CD-keys?
A: The short answer is no. I'm not sure why I get asked this question, as most people should be using d2loader if they have more than one CD-key. There are other IP-finding bots that work well inside d2loader. KissCloneHunter is meant to be simple and doesn't deal with more than one CD-key.

Q: Can I use my PC to do other things when running KissCloneHunter?
A: Ideally you should not use your PC for other stuff while KissCloneHunter is running. However, features exist in this version that warn you when the bot is about to do something. For example, it shows you a countdown of time remaining before it will try to create a new game, it will beep several times before changing a game, and it always tries to bring the "Diablo II" window to the front before sending commands to it. It's important that you don't interrupt KissCloneHunter when it's trying to create or leave a game. So, when you hear the beeps at the end of the countdown, you should let go of the mouse and keyboard until a new game is created.

Q: When KissCloneHunter fails to create a game, why doesn't it attempt to recover automatically?
A: There are several reasons why creating a game can fail, including getting temporarily IP banned (realm-down), trying to create a game with that name already exists, etc. To handle all these different "failures" is not simple, and goes against the "Kiss" principle. Unfortunately, this means that you do have to check up on the bot from time to time.

Q: Someone "guessed" my password and entered my game! Why can't I specify the password for my created games?
A: More than likely, this happened because you specified a game name prefix that was too easy to guess (e.g., ABC). Rather than add a feature to allow you to specify a password (or randomly generate a complex password that is harder to remember), I recommend that you use a game name prefix that's more difficult to guess. Also, remember that "mutual" friends on battle.net can see each other's game names. I recommend that you not add friends to your list (/f add) if you can't trust them to not to enter your private games.

Q: What does "Kiss" mean in KissCloneHunter?
A: Kiss = Keep it simple, stupid! Wikipedia does a good job of explaining the KISS principle. Although I found a few Annihilus Charms with Snarg's CloneHunter2.2, I was tired of its kludginess, especially the .ini file and the long game names and passwords. CloneHunter2.2 is based on an excellent tool (AutoIt v3) and I was sure it could be improved. Once I got AutoIt v3 installed and had a look at how good the documentation was, I decided to redo Snarg's bot. Snarg was nice enough to distribute the .au3 (Auto-it3 source file), and I am doing the same. If you've never used AutoIt3, check out http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/ - you will be impressed. My .au3 code is probably not simpler than Snarg's. However, many things about how the design of the program are simpler, and it's surely easier to use.

Q: My anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-malware found a virus/trojan/malware in the .exe file you distributed. Are you trying to hack me?
A: I promise that I'm not trying to hack you! But you still shouldn't believe me! There are several explanations:
1. If you did not obtain KissCloneHunter from the source mentioned at the top of this page, then you indeed have a virus/trojan. You should delete the download, report where you found it to me using my email above, and clean your system!
2. If you did get KissCloneHunter from the latest release and you verified the MD5 as described in the instructions at the top of this page, then you should be OK. Some "lazy" anti-virus software companies (that are located in developing countries whose names I won't mention) wrongly identify any AutoIt3 executable (which is what KissCloneHunter is) as containing a trojan. See this AutoIt forum discussion of the general problem. Examples of AntiVirus programs that wrongly identify trojans inside of AutoIt3 programs include ArcaBit and VBA32. However, this could change. Before you panic, make sure your AntiVirus software is professional quality, and that you've updated your signatures. If you're not sure, do not use any executable that your anti-virus software says has a trojan. It's always better to be safe!

Q: I'm new to "clone hunting" and I don't know where to begin. Are there any guides that explain it?
A: If you're new to "Diablo Clone Hunting", there are several good guides:
Guide to obtaining an Annihilus Charm
Everything You Need To Know About Diablo Clone

Kiss = keep it simple stupid

I was tired of using CloneHunter2.2 with all its kludginess, despite it being based on an excellent tool (Auto-It). So I decided to redo it. Snarg was nice enough to distribute the .au3 (Auto-it3 file), and I'm also doing the same. Check out http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/ - you will be impressed.

My .au3 *code* is not simpler. However, many things about how the program works are.

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