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Diablo 2 d2hackit bots guides:
Andybot FAQ
Andybot install
IDBot for JHJPBot
JHJPBot install

JHJ PBot - D2Hackit Pindle Bot

for 1.10 patch only!

JHJ PBot v0.20 - Japan, maybe Korea or Chaina version :)
JHJ PBot v0.20 - RunPCenter.exe - English RunPCenter.exe + readme.txt
JHJ PBot Stasher
Idbot for JHJ
JHJ Password
JHJ Restarter v1.0 by Cascius
D2Clone for JHJ Bot

JHJ PBot Stasher
Mover 0.02b(for jhj's runpbotsor or other act5 bot) written by [email protected]

This mover is to run with jhj's runpbot or other bot for moving all items from inventory to cube and stashstash. The mover will start once per a number of games, the numbers is input by users.

Idbot for JHJ
What is it? A d2hackit module very similar to mover. It identifies items and decides based on the item's mods whether to keep it or not.

JHJ Password
Useful if you want to get his password from Settings.Dat.
JHJ restarter by Cascius
JHJ PindleBot restarter and helper

This is an auto-it script that automatically does the following for you:
- restart bot after desired number of runs to prevent Realm Downs;
- define delay before restarting games;
- kill JHJ in case of Realm Down and use a predefined delay before restarting games;
- kill bots if in game time is over specified duration;
- 2 modes: use all bots/profiles at the same time OR cycle through the profiles/bots each time JHJ is restarted;
- no coding required, easy to use INI file.
- Let's you use JHJ pindlebot even on win98 machines

How to run it:
1. Extract the content of the zip to your JHJ pindlebot folder, replacing the old RunPBotsorc.exe with the one included. The restarter.ini and the JHJ restarter.exe must be in the plugin folder for win98 users;
2. Open the file restarter.ini and change preferences;
3. Launch "JHJ restarter.exe"
4. start your JHJ bot like you would normally
Note: also use the D2040825.txt & bncache.dat read only trick; it helps.

This script will definitely help you get more runs overnight. Try it! You might still get Realm Downs, but it will prevent you from getting overnight realm downs and limit them to 20 minutes or so.

D2Clone for JHJ Bot
JHJ KPBOT Auto-Stop while Diablo Clone(Generating unique small charm)
related infoes(SOJ sold and Diablo walk to Earth) occur.

HOW TO Install:
1.) Stop your BOT where you want this module installed.
2.) Copy the file "Bind.ini", "clone.d2h", "ring.wav" to your BOT directory.
3.) In file "D2Hackit.ini", at the end of line "Autoload", append ",clone". Still in the same file, at the bottom line of "D2Hackit.ini", change the value "#6FAA1F51" to #6FAA1C5A
4.) Start your BOT.

1.) while server sends the soj sold or diablo walks info, the KP BOT will be stopped automaticly.
2.) Meanwhile the bot being stopped, one short sound(ring.wav) will be played.
3.) If the character is at battle field, it will open portal automaticly.
4.) After the portal openned, character will be transferred to town. If portal open failed, the character will stay at its unsafe field.
5.) D2Clone sends the sound "This is for you" every few seconds since step 4.
6.) When player want to engage in the game, player should press END key or, type ".clone stop"
7.) After completing player's task(like KCD or anything else), player may press BREAK key, get the BOT work again.

.clone stop - stops anti-idle function when you want to start KCD or take over the BOT.

File infoes:
Bind.ini - used to bind END key to D2Clone module to stop anti-idle function. also it contains the BREAK KEY binded with JHJ KPBOT.
clone.d2h - D2Clone module
ring.wav - sound file. While Diablo Clone associated infoes occur, this file will be played.

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