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FAQ on JHJ by RealGsuss

i get ip-ban every xx runs... help?
this is prolly cuz you bot creates games too fast, afaik it has nothing to do with the game creation delay thingy. it's just like that. your sorc chickens out to often, cuz you told her to do so, if pindle is fi/ci. so she enters portal, and chickens out immediatly.
she does it a few time and you'll get banned...
so remove all chickens!! get a good tank merc and you won't have any problems.
after removing make sure that your .ini looks like that:

i get c/i a soon as i enter the game... what the...???
you prolly configured wrong skills, don't configure any skills you don't have, make sure you select fireball or glacial for the left button and meteor/blizz for the right button!
have a look at energy shield, if you don't have it, don't use it...

my bot gets stuck at malah, just sits there for a couple of seconds and exits right away, over and over again. what can i do?
here's the deal: you haven't configured your HPGuard, MPGuard right. it should look like like this:
HPGuard1=250 (is the healthpointnumber you want to drink a pot)
HPGuard2=0 (is the healtpointnumber you want to leave the game, if you have a good merc you won't need it at all)
MPGuard=0 (Manapointnumber you want to leave game i guess, maybe drink pot, just set it to 0)
MercHPGuard=10 (this is in %, not an integer#!!!! Percentage of your mercs life you want to chicken at)

my bot exits game right before entering the red portal! what's wrong??
your bot probably tries to cast energy shield, which you don't have! open the RunPBotSorc.ini and set EShield=0.
and no, there's no way to cast any cold armors! (not yet at least)

my bot enters portal and leaves right when i see pindles skills. WTF?
now that is because you have configured your bot to chicken out the game, whenever pindle is immune to something or has a certain aura. Try this:
open RunPCenter.exe
click Bot??
click ??Bot??
you see on top something like "??????Boss", right?
under that you see two buttons with '+' and '-'. select every entry in the list below and delete them with '-'
that should fix it.
to make sure open your RunPBotSor.INI and look for [Avoid]. If all chickens are disabled it should look like this:

After i pwnd pindle my sorc just sits there and won't pickup shit, won't leave the game nether. Y????
that's cuz you use zoids pickit!
disable zoids, JHJ's got an own pickit inplemented, if you try to use both together, both pickers try to pick up things, one is faster, the other one just tries to pick up something you already have, and waits forever!
remove any zoid files from your plugin-folder in your d2-folder!!

my pickup-logfile is filled with crap, how can i make it show only the things i picked up??
easy one though:
open your RunPBotSor.INI and set Log=2. Thats it

My bot won't attack, just sits there doing nothing! WTF?
she does attack, it's just that you don't see the animations.
also make sure you have blizzard/metoer as you RSkill in RunPBotSorc.INI. should look like this:

i get ip-ban every xx runs!! help?
if your bot chickens to often cuz of your HPGuard or you configured it for cold/fireimmune pindle, it'll create games too fast. that'll get you banned for some minutes/hours. (at least i guess it's like that)

my bot only does 200 runs and stops? (maybe opens xx windows of d2) WTF??
ok, the most discussed issue in this thread i guess, do it like this, step by step: (or have a look at 1st page (by allaboutdupe) or blee's page)
- you configured everything, the bot runs fine the 200 runs
- make sure you have d2loader by onlyer installed
- create a folder called 'jhj' in your d2-folder
- put ALL files from the JHJ-bot in there
- open RunPCenter.exe
- press the 'Bot??'-button
- new part pops up, you see a textfield saying something like:
-w -Skiptobnet -ns -res800

- make that look like this (by adding -pdir "jhj"):
-w -Skiptobnet -ns -res800 -pdir "jhj"
now it should restart d2 after 200 runs and continue

stasher always puts away my mf charms!! damn, any helP?
yup, put all your charms to the right of your inventory!
let's say it looks like this:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

that means your have 2 colums full with charms for mf or res or whatever. open the mover.ini and set ReservedSpace=2.
ClearCount=50 means, your bot will stash every 50 runs!! it also stashes to cube, if it's in your stash!!

Error "no room for unit"-thingy
make sure your sorc is in act 5!!

Hope that'll make it easier for all of us!

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