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Diablo 2 d2hackit bots guides:
Andybot FAQ
Andybot install
IDBot for JHJPBot
JHJPBot install

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Niren7's Andybot FAQ by Ambico



1. Extract the files into a new folder in you Diablo directory
e.x. C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Andy bot

2. Make sure you have d2 loader. (the Diablo II.exe contain in the .zip)

3. Run the program and click on "Config"

4. Save the config and open the abot.ini and the skills.htm

5. Skils now english use the config button and choose

6. Make sure Diablo II is close and click on the "Run" button

7. Wait until the Diablo II window hides and you are done


Q. Bot wont start
A. Check the bot location and make sure its in a folder Diablo II\BOT

Q. Why does D2 keep restarting?
A. Raise your Create and Quit delays and that shhould fix it

Q. Why doesnt it run right?
A. Make sure you Diablo II.exe is name Diablo II.exe and you are using D2 loader

Q. Still doesnt work
A. If you are already using D2 Loader rename you plugin folder and then try

Q. Bot stashes my charms
A. Edit the Reserve Col and make sure you charms are in those rows
(starting at the right)

Q. Bot stops at the login screen
A. Rename your bot folder to "BOT"

Q.why my sor character cant pick up the body when i have died?
A. Upgrade your bot program to v0.342 or higher.

Q. why my sor cant't talk to Akara and renew life?
A. as above.

Q. need pwd to create game?
A. new v0.342 support "no password" option.

Q. which char should I use? and the skills?
A. up to now only support sorc, please check your left/right skill settings.

Q. what the magic.ini supposed to do?
A. You can set pickit.ini to pickup magic(blue) items. bot program will use magic.ini to drop / keep usefull magic items.

Q. Why my sor character dont pickup gold even I set up it in pickit.ini?
A. Bot sor will only pickup gold above 2000.

Q. Help, my bot drop some of my sc/lc/gc, even they are not so good.
A. Set up correctly your reservered columns (from right).

Q. I cant use D2Loader to load the bot program?
A. Rename D2Loader.exe to Diablo II.exe

Q. I have copied all my files to D2 install directory, but program give a "cant locate diabloII.exe¡ message.
A. As above.

Q. Should I put bot files to "Plugin" directory?
A. Any directory works. But you must create this directory under D2 install directory, such as C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Andy bot

Q. When my bot program identify and stash?
A. Every 50 runs or inventory nearly to full.

Q. Why my bot program dont identify items?
A. You must save cain.

Q. Why garbage rare items dont drop automatically?
A. The bot program can't identify the properties of rare items, yet.

Q. i heard folks are getting thier accounts stolen by this bot? omg help!
A. Lord looked into this and has checked out the latest version available (.351) It is clean no trojans, keyloggers, whatever.

Q. My bot restarts over and over or i get an ip ban after a few runs.. what the heck?
A. Either: your sorc is set to use skills it does not have, you have not changed your gamename dictionary and the names are already taken, or you need to go into the config and set it to the correct realm AND remove -skiptobattlenet from the command line. Fix those things and see if it works.

Q. Which is better nm or hell?
A. NM is better for soj finding.

Q. How much mf do i need to find a soj? I heard a story about a guy who had exactly 420 mf and he got... etc etc.
A. More mf is better, more mf = more unique rings dropping = better chance one or 2 will be a soj. There is a HUGE luck factor too though, you can hit the lottery with one ticket.. but more mf = more tickets.. make sense?

Q. best sorc build to use?
A. one strong enough to stand next to Andy for a while, and has enough Mana to get there and cast once you get there(round 500 or so) Fire is fastest btw, due to andy's -50 resistance to fire.

Q: Is ABot safe? Will I get banned?
A: There is never a completely safe bot. Bot at your own risk.

Q: Why did my bot not auto identify items.
A: You will need to rescue Cain, and set AutoIdentify=1. Also, the bot will not identify everything(it will miss out sometimes)

Q: Nightmare difficulty or Hell difficulty is better?
A: Depends on yourself. Andy drop more SOJs in NM mode than Hell mode, but Hell Andy can drop better items.

Q: What should be my MF percent?
A: The uniques drops depends on the MF percent, and the higher it goes the better. So I suggest that to ensure better quality items get better mf gear.

Q: Where do I set it to pickup SOJs and Tal Amulet?
A: The bot is already made such that it will automatically pickup SOJs and Tal Amulet. You need not adjust anything for these two items.

Q: Why does the bot not throw away useless rare items? (not sure of this)
A: The bot can only currently identify rare items what are amulets and rings. (not sure of this cos i dont think so)

Q: How come my Sorc never cast spells, and only my merc/hire is fighting?
A: If you set the right spells, of course the Sorc can fight/cast, it is only that you cannot see it.

Q: What character must we use? Can we set our own spells to use?
A: You can only use Sorc currently, and the spells can only be used that appears in the 'Settings' button, under Skills.

Q: What is the magic.ini for?
A: This is to see the suffixes/prefixes of the magic items, and the bot depends on this to check if the item has any value.

Q: When I made the bot to pickup gold, why it will still not pick them up?
A: The bot will automatically pickup gold of value 500 and above. You need not configure this.

Q: Oh no, the charms that I have in my Sorc inventory are thrown away by the bot....
A: Check your ReservedColumns and make sure it is on the right side of the inventory. Otherwise, your charms are too lousy/shit.

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