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Diablo 2 v1.08 patch
Download |  v1.12a |  v1.11b |  v1.11 |  v1.10 |  v1.09D PC |  v1.09D Macintosh |
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Diablo II v1.08 patch
Changes in version 1.08

Skill Balance Changes:

-Whirlwind now alternates between two weapons when using two-weapon style.

-Increased Holy Shock's melee damage bonus.
-Decreased the power of Conviction.
-Added a casting delay for Fist of Heavens and increased its damage.
-Increased the blocking bonus that Holy Shield gives.
-Conviction does not affect immunities.

-Increased Fire Golem's melee damage.
-The hitpoints for a Revived monster no longer increase with more players in a game.
-Amplify Damage and Lower Resist do not affect immunities.

-Increased Fire Wall's damage.
-Increased Blizzard's duration.
-Decreased Meteor's casting delay.
-Decreased casting time for Chain Lightning and Lightning.
-Increased Frozen Orb's damage.
-Thunderstorm now hits a target every time.
-Cold Mastery will not affect cold immune monsters.
-The damage inflicted by Ice Blast, Fire Ball, Lightning, Nova, and Glacial Spike, per level has been increased.

-Increased Freezing Arrow damage.
-Increased Ice Arrow damage.
-Increased Immolation Arrow damage, added a casting delay and decreased the fire duration.
-Added a casting delay to Plague Javelin and increased its damage.

* Creatures can be summoned in town, as long as the summoning does not require a corpse.
* Adjusted affix level for wands and staves. (Higher levels of these items have better magic attributes.)
* Increased the chance of enhanced damage affixes on weapons.
* Increased the chance of enhanced attack rating affixes on weapons.
* Increased the chance of enhanced armor affixes on armor.
* Increased the chance of elemental damage suffixes on weapons.
* Increased the level and the damage for certain high level elemental damage affixes.
* Increased chances of extra quantity affixes on throwing items.
* Increased chances of regenerate quantity affixes on throwing items.
* Changed Izual to be able to drop treasure.
* Changed Charsi's imbue quest to always give a plus to individual skills on items that can have them.
* Items sold to stores are priced as if they were fully repaired.
* Lowered prices for items with +2 or +3 to single skills.
* Removed throwing potions from stores.
* Unique monsters with the "teleport" attribute now heal a fixed amount.
* Crushing blow is at 1/2 effectiveness on bows.
* Crushing blow is affected by physical resistance.
* Increased chances of finding unique and set items.
* Slightly increased the item drop rate for extra players in a game that are not in your party.
* Lowered gambling prices that scale with your level.
* Changed prices on rejuvenation and full rejuvenation potions.
* Increased blocking for grim shield.
* Increased AC for Bone visage helm.
* Changed increased rate items, (fast, faster, fastest) to display as a percentage faster.
* When used in melee throwing weapon durability decreases at one third the thrown rate.
* +2 to all skills affixes can now spawn on rare amulets.
* Changed items with pierce to use their pierce value as a percentage instead of as a level in the skill.
* Added sound to shift-click of potions in grid.
* Keys now stack to 12 instead of 6.
* Right mouse click works the same as left mouse click if assigned an attack skill.
* Act II hirelings have been improved with additional skills including auras.
* When using two-handed attacks the speed of both weapons are averaged.

Major bugs:
* Addressed certain duping issues when entering and leaving games.
* Fixed a bug which could allow you to have a defense rating after using Berserk.

Minor bugs:
* Added missing "crimson" affix with adds +5-10 fire resistance.
* Fixed a bug were expert's/veteran's/master's prefixes were swapped with sounding/resonant/echoing prefixes.
* Fixed a bug which allowed spells cast while wearing items of piercing to have piercing.
* Fixed a bug where single skill bonuses did not stack properly.
* Fixed a bug where variable costs for armor types was not being calculated properly.
* Fixed a bug where you were allowed to multi-buy rejuv potions in stores.
* Fixed the bug that added javelin damage to Lightning Fury, and made the graphics simpler for the lightning.

Patch 1.08 FAQ:
How will the Diablo® II 1.08 patch alter my gameplay experience?
The Diablo II 1.08 patch will adjust the balance of several skills, modify certain aspects of gameplay and address bugs previously found in the game. For a comprehensive list of modifications, please read the patch text file provided with the patch.

Why did Blizzard Entertainment decide to make gameplay changes to Diablo II?
In order to maintain Blizzard Entertainment's high standards of quality, we continue fine-tuning gameplay, when appropriate, by providing patches. Patch 1.08 was designed specifically to enhance the classic gameplay found in Diablo II by creating improvements to the balance and item generation found in the game. These improvements were also incorporated to prolong the life of the product for our players without requiring the purchase of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction TM.

Why can't I cast some spells as frequently as before?
We have introduced the concept of Casting Delays for certain spells. A Casting Delay is a period of time after a player has cast a spell during which the player cannot re-cast that spell. For example, after casting the Blizzard spell you must wait a few seconds before you're able to cast another one. These casting delays will provide the player with an increase in frame rate. Further, the spells modified by casting delays have been enhanced to make them much more powerful in order to compensate for the new delay between castings.

What spells have been made more powerful by the implementation of casting delays?
All of the spells associated with Casting Delays have been made more powerful to provide counterbalance. The Casting Delays vary from skill to skill. Most skills will continue to not have a Casting Delay. For a complete list of spells that now utilize casting delays, please see the URL below. Each of the spells, which are listed in this link, will include details as to how they were each modified.


Why have Set and Unique Items been removed from the Gamble option?
Set and Unique Items have been removed from the Gambling option in order to increase their rarity. By limiting their availability, we make Set and Unique Items more rare and in turn, increase their value and power. As always, Set and Unique items can be found as treasure through exploration of the world or by trading with another player.

Were any changes made to the random properties on Magic Items?
Yes. Modifications were made to some of the properties that will appear on individual item types and also to the timing in which these properties and items appear in the game. This revised method of generating items means that both high and low level characters will find items more appropriate for their level of experience throughout the game.

What changes have been made to Unique Items?
Newly dropped Unique Items will now have level requirements. Certain Unique Items have also been given upgrades to their Defense and Damage. These changes were implemented to better balance these items and to prevent low-level characters from utilizing extremely powerful Unique Items.

How will Unique Items that I already own be affected by these new enhancements?
Unique Items that players currently own will receive the upgrades to Defense and Damage, but will not be given level requirements. However, when players convert their Characters for use in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, these items will be given level requirements.

What is Blizzard's policy on item duping?
We believe that item duping undermines the basic rules of fair play and detracts from the spirit of true competition. Furthermore, we have discouraged item duping by blocking all known duping exploitations and have removed duped items from our servers. We shall continue to monitor and stop any attempts at item duplication

What changes have been made to dual leech jewelry items (Life & Mana Stealing) and how will this affect game play?
Dual leech items no longer spawn in games. We felt that they were too powerful and imbalanced the game. Existing items will not be modified, and characters will retain their previously acquired dual leech items.

What changes have been made to Battle.net since the release of Diablo II?
Blizzard Entertainment continues to make several enhancements to the Battle.net infrastructure by increasing the number of servers and providing additional bandwidth. Beginning June 2000 and continuing through June 2001, we have increased the number of game servers in our Asia gateway to 300, increased the number of servers in the US gateways to 160 and raised the number of servers to 48 in the Europe gateway. We have also added two new Asian Realms to our Diablo II world as well as increased the size of all Realms. The Battle.net team is extremely committed to providing our users with the best possible game play experience. In order to provide this experience, we have also expanded the number of personnel dedicated to Battle.net. These changes were put into place in order to make your gaming experience enjoyable while maintaining our dedication to keeping Battle.net a complimentary service.

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